Want greener menswear? Have you decided to go for eco-responsible materials or brands? Dressing ethically has become a criterion of choice for more and more men. Buy clothes made with respect for people and the environment. We offer the basics for every man's wardrobe, as well as more original pieces and high-quality accessories. Discover clothing that meets your criteria: organic, recycled, ethically manufactured.

Sandro has developed a men's wear collection based on responsible materials and fabrics, demonstrating that it is perfectly possible to dress eco-responsibly without sacrificing style and elegance.

In its collection, Sandro classifies a product as responsible if at least 50% of its main material has a recognized certification, or if it has been produced using low environmental impact methods. A double S logo will allow you to identify our responsibly designed creations. You can therefore easily identify Sandro's eco-friendly creations for men both on our website and in our shops.

What are Sandro's most popular eco-friendly creations? Discover our best men’s eco responsible clothes, leather goods for men and accessories.

A men's t-shirt is a staple in every man's closet. It can be worn every day, for every occasion, and goes with every style. We often own several of them. So, it's preferable and highly encouraged to choose an eco-responsible version of this everyday item of clothing. The Sandro t-Shirt is the perfect piece. Comfortable, wearable and well-cut, it's THE eco-responsible basic to have in one’s closet. The cotton used for this t-shirt was produced organically via a cultivation method that preserves biodiversity and bans the use of pesticides and GMOs.

Donating, reselling or keeping your clothes for a long time is also a truly eco-responsible and ethical gesture. Choose a Sandro men's eco-friendly men's sweatshirt for everyday wear. It's made from quality, eco-friendly materials and designed to last over time.