Short sleeves


Short-sleeve Men's Shirt

Straddling the line between the classic long-sleeve shirt and the more casual t-shirt or polo, the short-sleeve shirt for men can be worn for almost any occasion. Fluid yet perfectly tailored, it offers unparalleled comfort without compromising on elegance. It's a piece that easily adapts to all styles, whether paired with dress pants, jeans, or shorts, and accessorized with a hat or cap, for example.

Solid-colored in gray, white, cream, black, or navy, with a classic collar or a shark collar, and paired with dress pants, the short-sleeve shirt can easily replace the long-sleeve men's shirt in the office or at a formal evening event.

The men's shirt with short sleeves can also allow you to step away from sober styles and towards an outfit that's both elegant and extraordinary. In summer or mid-season, for example, swap pants for fluid shorts and closed shoes for sandals, and switch out the t-shirt for a short-sleeve shirt. For a relaxed look, consider wearing an oversized shirt open over a t-shirt, like a shacket.

To make the shirt indisputably the centerpiece of your outfit, consider the colorful and patterned models from the Sandro collection. Shades like pink and sky blue are particularly trendy, whether in stripes or floral prints. The iconic Square Cross motif from Sandro is also featured in our men's clothing collection. Add depth and style to your outfit with a printed shirt in white and navy, cream and black, etc.