What could be more refined and elegant than a suit? For work, a formal evening out or a wedding guest look, it's important to choose a quality suit that will last the test of time.

Sandro’s suits for men can be worn on all occasions. Sandro has designed a range of two- and three-piece suits and blazers. Sandro men’s suits are made from top-quality fabrics, with noble finishes and flowing, comfortable-to-wear materials. Perfect as a total-look or even in mismatched or mix-and-match mode, you can wear the suit jacket with jeans for casual chic, or wear the pleated men's pants with a soft wool sweater. Accessorize your Sandro suit with a leather belt, a bag, shoes, or other men's leather goods.

A man's suit is a classic, elegant piece of apparel. The suit has stood the test of time, constantly reinventing itself. It dresses men with class and enhances their figure. It comes in neutral or pastel colors, as well as the more classic black, gray or navy. With leather moccasins on your feet, they add a touch of casual chic to men's outfits.

Sandro offers a selection of men's shirts, designed to complement the tailored elegance of their ensembles with sophisticated patterns, luxurious fabrics, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Season after season, Sandro carefully selects the fabrics for its men's suits collection, choosing durable and timeless materials, such as wool, flannel, or linen. This quality fabrics lend a luxurious feel to the suit. These fabrics are known for their comfort, breathability, and ability to drape elegantly.