Tweed was originally hand-woven: it was a rough and thick fabric designed to keep warm. Over the centuries, tweed has gradually evolved into a fashionable garment that has been adopted by the most trendy women. In Sandro’s woman collection, tweed fabric meets modern style and individuality. Tweed can now be worn in many ways. How about a tweed dress ?

The Sandro women dress made in tweed offers a mix of sophistication and uniqueness, that few other fabrics can match. Its original texture and timeless appeal make it a standout choice for both casual and formal occasions. Tweed has a sense of refinement and elegance, adding depth and character to any woman’s outfit. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, tweed is also incredibly durable.

A tweed dress would be the ideal choice for cooler weather. Its natural fibers provide warmth and comfort, ensuring you stay stylish and cozy throughout the day. Additionally, tweed's ability to effortlessly transition between seasons makes it a great investment for any wardrobe. Whether paired with heels for an elegant look or with boots for a more casual vibe, the Sandro woman tweed dress exudes effortless chicness that never goes out of style. Are you looking for a more elegant, distinguished or warmer party dress for a winter event? Then tweed is your best option.

Modernize tweed and give your outfit an original touch. How about mixing denim and tweed? Sandro has created the most imaginative and chic tweed dress with the Brooke Tweed and denim short dress! An elegant Parisian look that really stands out from the crowd.

Sandro tweed dresses are available in a range of colors or prints : pink, white or black dresses, but also printed dress with superb patterns such as jacquard or houndstooth.