Go for eco-responsible clothes and dress ethically with Sandro’s women wear collection. Buy clothes made with respect for people and the environment. We offer the basics for every man's wardrobe, as well as more original pieces and high-quality accessories. Discover clothing that meets your criteria: organic, recycled, ethically manufactured.

In its women’s collection, Sandro classifies a product as responsible if at least 50% of its main material has a recognized certification or if it has been produced using low environmental impact methods. The double S logo allows you to identify responsibly designed items. This means that you can easily identify Sandro's eco-friendly creations for women both on our website and in our shops.

Sandro makes it possible to wear elegant clothes with original designs, all while opting for sustainable and eco-responsible materials. Sandro eco responsible collection features a blend of eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton, recycled polyester, and responsibly sourced fabrics. From timeless basics to fashion-forward statement pieces, each garment embodies our commitment to ethical fashion practices.

Embrace eco-conscious styling with our range of sustainable tops, dresses, pants, and women's accessories, all designed to minimize environmental impact without compromising on style. Cotton women's t-shirts, denim jeans, satin-effect party dresses… Whether you're opting for a casual daytime look or dressing up for a special occasion, our eco responsible women’s clothes ensures you can feel good about your fashion choices.

As for accessories, Sandro’s women leather bags and belts are made with top-quality leathers from recognized and certified tanneries based on their environmental performance. The Clem oversized leather bomber jacket is fully made from a quality lamb leather. It's incredibly stylish, comfortable to wear and warm, while also being more eco-friendly.