Jeans remains a basic of any man’s wardrobe. Paired with a t-shirt, shirt, sweater or hoodie, jeans are versatile, fun, and practical for everyday wear. Sandro men’s jeans collection is divided into three main cuts: the narrow cut, worn close to the body, the slim jeans, which are adjusted, and the regular, upright.

Men's jeans remain timeless. Sandro men's jeans are also practical with their 5 pockets, and will last in time. Above all, they can be worn with absolutely everything : a men's leather jacket or a coat for men, a simple men’s shirt, T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts or even men’s pant shorts, whatever suits you best. Jeans simply go with everything.

Choose the cut that best suits your style and body type. A veritable must-have in men's fashion, casual men's jeans go with every outfit and can be worn for almost any occasion. Go for a wider fit for added comfort, or a slim fit for an elegant, slimming version that perfectly structures the silhouette.

Sandro jeans are made from raw canvas, tinted, coated or faded with attention and know-how, for a result that is both comfortable and sublimates the silhouette.

Washed or raw ? Pick the right type of denim for your Sandro jeans. Black. It’s the color that goes with everything. Choose elegant black jeans for a sleek look. Sandro’s straight-leg jeans and slim-fit jeans come in black.

Very stylish and comfortable to wear, our cotton jeans are a great choice and also a more eco responsible option. The cotton in Sandro’s jeans was produced organically via a cultivation method that preserves biodiversity and bans the use of pesticides and GMOs. The denim of Sandro’s washed jeans was treated using a process that reduces water consumption by 95% and significantly limits the use of energy and chemicals compared to traditional treatment techniques.